Martha's Pain Relief Journey! - Nov 13, 2019

A life well lived and filled with memorable experiences often comes partnered with its share of aches and pains. As we age, our bodies eventually start slowing down when it comes to healing abilities and the immune system, unlike our younger years when we could bounce back efficiently.
Over the years our bodies accumulate wear and tear from working in our professions, going on adventures and the common strains of everyday life. Many chronic conditions like tendinitis, arthritis and others are more likely to develop with age. The journey for an “average day without pain” becomes even harder to obtain. 
Pain from multiple traumas can compound over time. This was the case with Martha in Michigan. Martha is 70 years old and a retired teacher. She was in an auto accident in 1995 and has developed arthritis in her neck. She also has chronic tendinitis in her shoulder from a lifetime of swimming. A shoulder injury to a swimmer is like tennis elbow to a tennis player and can be very painful. Then Martha discovered BioVibe. 
“I was first introduced to the ‘magic straps’ a few years back when I was enduring chronic tendinitis pain in my right shoulder. I placed the strap on my upper arm close to my armpit and the pain lessened.”
- Martha
The “magic straps” Martha referred to was a version of our pain management technology in its early development and testing stages. 
“Unfortunately, it did not work all the time, but over time, through therapy movement, loving care and the use of the strap, my tendinitis condition lessened."
- Martha
When the BioVibe team was assembled, Martha was asked to be part of a new pain study to improve the product formula for her blood type. 
“I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a pain study initiated to improve the magic strap. After exposure to patches, straps, more patches and finally straps matched with my blood type, the final strap is amazing!”
- Martha
“I am now able to manage the pain in my neck due to arthritis caused by a car crash years ago. I’ll be living with neck pain from now on… but I secure the strap around my neck and the pain stops. I am certainly happy that I have this wonderful alternative. I don’t know how it works… it just works!”
- Martha

Martha’s experience with pain from two past traumas in two different areas is not uncommon. There are millions of people who suffer from multiple conditions resulting from trauma, injury or simply aging. Painful symptoms like swelling, cramping, tenderness, aches, soreness, stinging, and strain can compound over time and make daily life very difficult.
If you or someone you know suffers from chronic or everyday pain, please consider BioVibe Pain Management Technology. With the BioVibe 90 day unconditional money back guarantee (including shipping), you have nothing to lose but your pain.

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