Pain During A Flight Part 1 - Dec 21, 2019

Do You Feel Pain During A Flight?
What sorts of things come to mind when you’re flying 30,000 feet in the air at approximately 500 miles per hour? Lot's of people will be thinking about their destinations. Maybe they’ll wonder if they remembered everything for their trip? Some folks might even be worried about the safety of flying, in general. The good news is that flying is safe, but not always comfortable. And in some cases, a little painful.

Pain is not uncommon during a flight 
Whether it’s brought on by long periods of waiting/ standing in line or being stuck in a sitting-position for 3-5 hours, flying can have a sizeable effect on your body. Have you ever wondered what your body goes through when flying?

When flying the body endures: 
• Cabin Pressure Changes 
• Recycled, Dry Air
• Less Oxygen to the Blood and the Brain
• Poor Circulation
• Loss of Water
• Noise/Plugged Ears

Despite any discomfort, people have to fly. A 2018 MSN poll found that only 6% of Americans considered comfort to be their main priority when it came time to selecting an airline. 

What is Important? Price
Price has always been the driving factor for Americans when deciding on which airline to take. The poll surveyed 209,000 Americans and found that 51% of them recognize flight price as their main priority. These days, consumers are willing to sacrifice certain things in order to snag the most affordable flight. And the airline industry has continued to find ways to lower costs. However, the list of offerings/amenities being sacrificed from flights are causing people growing discomfort.

We’re not going to spend time talking about the cutting back on offerings like full cans of soda or multiple bags of salty snacks to save on costs. We won’t focus on the departure of once-included checked luggage or the sudden additional fees for a carry on. These are obvious takeaways airlines can initiate and recoup the cost on the lower priced tickets that are demanded by consumer habits. 

One element of cost-cutting that can be quickly associated with assured discomfort on a flight is the continued implementation of slimmer designed seating. Airlines have continued experimenting with slimmer and slimmer designed seats to free up more space and allow for higher passenger numbers per flight. 

While slimmer designed seats can be advertised as allowing for more leg room, some might say they lack an adequate amount of padding required for a comfortable trip. Have you ever had to sit on a chair with minimal padding for 3-5 hours, or even longer? The lack of padding support from a chair can be directly proportional to the amount of discomfort experienced by the person sitting. 

The next blog will focus on the effects of the flight itself.

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